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what to do if your car breaks down

When to Call a Professional Towing Service

If you are driving down the highway and your car starts experiencing problems, then you should follow this simple guide, and you will not face any issues.

The first thing you should always do is try to get to the right hand shoulder as soon as you can, but be careful and watch out for any cars near you. Turn on the emergency lights, wait to pass the curves in the road and merge to the right shoulder. If your car engine breaks down in the middle of the highway, you should never get out of the car. The first thing you should do in such cases is turn on the emergency lights and call as fast as you can a reliable towing service. Try to give them as many details as you can, explain the situation, how the car stopped working, and don’t forget to tell them your location.

Always remember to keep calm! By getting nervous, you will not solve anything. If you can lead the car to the right shoulder of the road, make sure you put on the emergency vest and the emergency lights of the car. If you decide to go out of the car, never do it from the side that is exposed to traffic. Get out of the car carefully and check what is wrong with your vehicle, and then call a towing company.

The best way of choosing a reliable towing company is either asking friends, family members, or your auto repair center. They can provide you with the phone number of a reliable company. Once you have the number with you, call the towing service and ask for their rates and services. You should ask upfront how far they will tow you and if they can help with the insurance company paperwork.

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