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What to Do While Waiting for Your Tow Truck to Arrive?

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Move your car away from traffic.

Moving your car should be your first priority. It has to be as far away from the road as possible. That way it will be safe for you. Also, it will ensure safety for the rest of the traffic. Do not underestimate this because safety on the road must be considered at all times. When you’re moving your car, make sure that its position will be convenient for the tow truck. This will make it easier on the towing specialist to do his job better and faster.

Turn the hazard lights on.

Don’t forget to turn on your hazard lights. This is an important indication to other drivers who are currently passing by. In case you don’t know where the button or switch is, it’s usually a big lead button on the dashboard or steering column. The bright flashing lights will signal all other drivers that you are in distress and should slow down. It’s very important that you don’t forget this because the other drivers in danger is a very critical mistake. The importance of hazard lights is even more emphasized at night.

Place your reflective cones or triangles.

Your trunk should contain reflective triangles or cones for emergency situations. There should also be an emergency first aid kit. Place one triangle at the front and one more triangle at the back of your car so that drivers from both sides will know that your car has problems. This will be an indication to slow down and drive carefully. Placing reflective triangles is mandatory while you’re waiting for the tow truck to arrive.

Get your personal items organized.

You should organize all of your personal belongings before the tow truck arrives. This includes everything that you don’t want to leave your car when it’s towed back to the shop. Get out all of the important documents and insurance information from your glove compartment. Get everything packed and organized so that you can leave your car quickly.

Stay in your car.

Make sure that you stay in your vehicle while you are waiting. This will keep you safe if the weather is bad and also if the area is dangerous. We should not underestimate heavy traffic on the highway. Some cars are driving fast, and not everyone has the ability to react quickly when they see a pedestrian on the road.

Ask the tow truck driver for identification.

If you are approached by other drivers while waiting in your vehicle, just crack the window an inch if you want to talk to them. Otherwise, just lock the doors and don’t leave your vehicle. When you are waiting for a tow truck, you should refuse any drivers who are offering a lift. Do not walk away from your vehicle, leaving it without supervision.
When the tow truck arrives, ask the driver for their license information as well as the identification number that the dispatcher gave you during the call. This will assure you that the driver and vehicle are legitimate. Remember to take this information while you are still in your vehicle.

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